Slam Session II

Afternoon (13:45 till 14:55h)

Rode Foyer (1st floor), Chair: Dr. Carlijn Kraakman / Emil den Bakker

Passchier, E. Unraveling the Cellular Signaling Pathways Underlying MLC
Seljogi, D.Ethnic background is associated with health care consumption in children with asthma
Depla, J.Stem cell derived brain organoids, a promising model to study Adeno associated viruses for CNS gene therapy
Stellingwerff, M. Analyzing radiological progression in 252 cases of Vanishing White Matter (VWM)
Boer de, L. Lipoprotein(a) Levels over Time: a Long-term Follow-up Study of a Large Cohort of Children
Zuurbier, R. Early life exposure to respiratory viruses: a longitudinal birth cohort study
Visser de, M.Outcome and predictors of mortality in a recently opened paediatric intensive care unit in Malawi
Heerde van, M
Zaal-Schuller, I
Bridging the Gap Session
End-of-life decision-making for severely disabled children

Wim Sonneveld zaal (1st floor), Chair: Dr. Jeroen Hol / Charlotte Ruys

Luijten, M. From Statistician to Clinician: the feedback of PROMIS® CATs within KLIK
Leuteren van, R. The feasibility of transcutaneous electromyography of the diaphragm as monitoring technique in the delivery room
Kontopodi, E. Survey on the operation of European human milk banks
Wissa, M.The Incidence of Intracranial Hemorrhages in Neonates With Hemophilia; an Assessment of the Literature
Koff, E.The Influence of Early-life Gut Microbiome Development on Vaccine Responses
Bruijn de, C. Fecal microbiota transplantation in adolescents with refractory irritable bowel syndrome; protocol for a pilot randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Pajkrt, D.
Bruning, A.
Bridging the Gap Session
Acute Flaccid Paralysis caused by Enterovirus D68

Diner Foyer (2nd floor), Chair: Dr. Marieke Merelle / Laura Schouten

Roorda, D. Intrasphincteric Botulinum toxin injections for post-operative obstructive defecation problems in Hirschsprungs disease: predictors of response
Plug, B. Heterogeneity of Astrocytes in Vanishing White Matter Disease: Central in White Matter Lesion Repair?
Kos, R. Targeted Analysis Of Volatile Organic Compounds For Detection Of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa In Cystic Fibrosis Patients By Exhaled Breath Analysis
Douma, M. Positive effects of an online cognitive behavioral group intervention on anxiety and depression in parents of children with a chronic illness: A randomized controlled trial
Löwensteyn, Y. NARSYN trial: Intranasal administration of palivizumab against RSV infection
Metry, E. Transplantation outcomes in patients with Primary Hyperoxaluria Type I 

Van den Berg, S.Huybrechts, B.
Bridging the Gap Session
Distress in children with traumatic injury in the emergency room

Mary Dresselhuys Zaal, Dr. Mariet Felderhof / Bart Cortjens

Man, J. Region-Resolved Quantitative Proteomic Mapping of the Human Vanishing White Matter Brain
Navis, M. The beneficial effect of native whey protein on intestinal integrity and innate defense in the immature intestine of preterm and near-term piglets
Teela, L. The use of the KLIK PROM portal in clinical care; the patients’ and parents’ point of view
Brekel  van den, N. Exploring the burden of Ntwetwe virus – a novel orthobunyavirus associated with CNS infections – in Ugandan children
Jong de, A. Monitoring of micturition and bladder volumes can replace routine indwelling urethral catheters in children receiving intravenous opioids, a prospective cohort study 
Termeulen, E. A scoping review of Inborn errors of metabolism causing progressive intellectual and neurologic deterioration (PIND)

Groothoff, J.W.
Garrelfs, S.F.
Bridging the Gap Session
A crystal clear case, or not?