Slam Session I

Morning (10:25 till 11:45h)

Rode Foyer (-1st Floor), Chair: Dr. Brigitte de Bie / Annemarie Plaisier

Keulen van, B.Sexual dimorphism in cortisol production and metabolism throughout pubertal development: a longitudinal study 
Haar ter, A.Health-Related Quality of Life of Perinatally Hiv-Infected Children Growing into Young Adulthood
Orriëns, L.Nonadherence to Inhaled Corticosteroids: a Characteristic of the Obese-asthma Phenotype in Children?
el Manouni el Hassani, S.Allantoin: a fecal biomarker for preclinical detection of perforated necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants
Muilekom van, M.Empowering patients: a first step in developing educational videos about PROs in clinical practice
Leuteren van, R.Relation between esophageal pressure, volume and the activity of the diaphragm in a preterm infant, a physiological study
Linssen, R.Burden of RSV bronchiolitis in the pediatric intensive care unit – a 13-year national registry study
Chatelion Counet, M.Kidney failure – an overlooked feature of Down Syndrome
Vijverberg, S.Drivers and barriers of pediatric patient engagement in respiratory medicine: lessons learnt from establishing a child council 
Simons, N.Child outcomes after amnioinfusion compared with no intervention in women with second-trimester rupture of membranes: a long-term follow-up study of the PROMEXIL-III trial

Wim Sonneveld zaal (1st floor), Chair: Dr. Diederik Bosman / Menno Smit

Roorda, D.Botulinum toxin injections after surgery for Hirschsprung disease: systematic review and meta-analysis 
El Tahir, O.Executive functioning in later life after childhood bacterial meningitis: a 25-year follow-up
Witkamp, D.Guanabenz Ameliorates Ataxia in a Mouse Model for Vanishing White Matter
Gathier, A. Effectiveness of a two-day EMDR treatment for parents of MPS III patients: a study protocol
Assies, R.Early detection and pathophysiology of shock in Malawian children; A pilot study of new bedside techniques
Roorda, D.Risk factors of post-operative enterocolitis in patients with Hirschsprungs disease
Apers, W. Timing of neonatal seizure treatment: a retrospective cohort study.
Verkuil, F. Exploring contrast-enhanced MRI findings of the wrist in healthy children
Beerepoot, S.Donor macrophages in transplanted MLD patients support oligodendrocytes, thereby enabling remyelination and improvement of white matter abnormalities on MRI 

Diner Foyer (2nd floor), Chair: Dr. Koert Dolman / Ilse Luirink

Schoenmaker, M.Prophylactic anticoagulation in children receiving home parenteral nutrition
Sommers, R. Viridans group streptococci infections: Are teicoplanin or vancomycin feasible and safe as antibiotic prophylaxis regimen in pediatric leukemia patients? A systematic review
Draijer, L.Fibrokids Study: Effective screening for NAFLD in children with obesity
Wassenaer van, E. Diagnostic Test Accuracy of Bowel Ultrasound in children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Mank, E. Insulin concentration in human milk in the first days after birth: course and associated factors
Oudejans, E.Anesthesia In Models of Vanishing White Matter
Dooves, S.Neuronal dysfunctioning in 4H leukodystrophy
Aknouch, I. The human gut organoid, a promising model to study enterovirus infection and disease pathogenesis
Naafs, J.Age-specific reference values for plasma FT4 and TSH in term neonates during the first two weeks of life
Zarekiani, P.Impaired astrocytic functioning in Vanishing White Matter disease and its effect on blood-brain barrier integrity: implications for disease severity

Mary Dresselhuys Zaal, Chair:  Dr. Frans Plötz / Carlijn van der Zee 

Kontopodi, E. The effect of different time-temperature profiles on bioactive proteins during pasteurization of donor human milk
Lijdsman, S. Brain white matter abnormalities and neurocognitive impairment in children and young adults with severe chronic kidney disease
Henke, C. Motor Interventions in School-Aged Children with Motor Impairment: a Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression
Navis, M. A human 2D Organoid Model to study Gut Barrier Maturation and Host-Pathogen Interaction in the Small Intestine
Houdt van, C. Effects of Computerized Executive Function Training in Very Preterm Children: a Randomized Controlled Trial 
Brouwer, L. Echovirus Seroepidemiology in the Netherlands
Kerst, S. Water and Ions out of Balance: Dysfunctional Astrocytes in the White Matter Disease MLC
Kouwenhoven, S. Metabolic and Hormonal Markers in 4-month-old Infants fed a Modified Low-Protein Infant Formula: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial
Oomen, I. Anti-rituximab antibodies with corresponding drug levels in children with B cell mediated diseases treated in the Emma Children’s hospital